The Birth of Candor


How It Started

I admit it. I'm a sucker for the trendy new product and have to try them all. A few years ago I fell for the then hot new hair tool. Yes it dried my hair in half the time. Yes it looked as if I just left the salon. And yes, it caused breakage in my hair that I've never seen before. I had so many short pieces of hair standing at attention on my head that it looked like I had just rubbed a balloon all over my hair to get it to stick to a wall (remember that magic trick from when you were a kid?). It was bad.

After trying all of the reparative products I could get my hands on to no avail, my typical Type A self decided to take matters into my own hands. I did a ton of research, worked with the right people, and created Candor. It truly is the perfect shampoo and conditioner. I know that sounds like a parent saying how amazing their kid is but listen.. it smells great, it has only the best all natural ingredients, and it actually works! I can't tell you how many different shampoos I have tried throughout the years. So many shampoos started out great, but after a while just kind of stopped working the way they should work. I am very happy to say that I have finally found *the one* in Candor. I found my shampoo soulmate!

- Jess Karaolis, founder/CEO